Best Cheap Gaming Mouse of 2018

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse of 2018, All good gaming happens with a PC. Whether you are a friend of the MMOs or the fan of shooter games, you will need a good PC setup to make the most of your gaming. Aside from the hardware and the keyboard, a good gaming mouse can make a big difference in performance. So, what is the best mouse to buy in 2018?

The best products always come with a variety of price tags. If you like to save your pennies and find a bargain, then the following gaming mouse options are for you. They represent the best but also the cheapest products on the market. So, you won’t need to sacrifice quality in order to shop on a tight budget.

Remember, you should always compare products with different gaming retailers as well. The Internet is full of gaming stores that offer discounts and special deal. You can find them at and guarantee you won’t be ripped off with the price.

With that in mind, let’s check out the best cheap gaming mouse options for 2018.



Zelotes T90 usb Gaming mice 9200 DPI 8 Buttons, Wired USB Gaming Mouse

One of the best gaming mouse purchases you can make in 2018 is to get yourself a Zelotes mouse. The mouse is a 5500 Dots Per Inch (DPI) mouse with 7 programmable buttons. It also has LED optical lighting, which means you can see it even in the dark. The mouse is wireless so you don’t have to worry about annoying wires ruining your game. The tracking system doesn’t lose anything despite the wireless connectivity – you can use it with speed. It’s also ergonomically designed so the mouse feels good in your palm.


TONSEE Cool New Blue Point Professional

TONSEE Cool New Blue Point Professional 2.4GHz 1600 DPI USB Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice For PC Laptop MAC

You might also enjoy TONSEE Cool New Blue Point Professional. It’s a 2.4 GHz mouse with 1600 DPI. The mouse is wireless and it’s designed with gamers in mind. You can adjust the cursor speed depending on your preferences and it does come with a number of programmable buttons. The USB connector ensures you can use the device on a number of surfaces without losing on performance.



HAVIT HV-MS672 Ergonomic Wired Mouse

HAVIT’s mouse is another great option when you want performance and affordability. The mouse comes with a 3200 DPI and you can adjust it between four different levels. This mouse comes with a wire – if you prefer a non-wireless gaming mouse, then this should be your pick. It has LED lighting and six buttons you can program according to your needs. Some of the features come as an additional extra so if you want the most out of this mouse, you do need to fork out some extra cash.


SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310

Another superb wired gaming mouse is the SteelSeries Sensei 310. It has ambidextrous design and it comes with 3500 worth of DPI. The optical sensor in the mouse is designed in collaboration with mouse sensor monopolist Pixart – it’s among the best sensors on the market. This kind of performance could be assumed to be costly, but SteelSeries has managed to keep the price reasonable. One of the coolest features in the mouse is the jitter reduction function – perfect for games that require precision.


Asus ROG Gladius II

Asus ROG Gladius II

If you are all about the design, then this Asus mouse wins without trouble. It looks amazing, although it also has a higher price tag to some others on the list. You are able to swap the buttons of the mouse, use the scroll wheel as a clickable button and the sensitivity can be toggled. The DPI goes as high as 12000 so it’s the perfect mouse for those playing first-person shooters.


Creative Sound Blaster

Creative Sound Blaster X Siege M04

X Siege M04

X Siege M04

Another great gaming mouse with a slightly heftier price tag is this one. It has an impressive 1200 DPI with seven programmable buttons. The RGB lighting scheme gives the mouse a great look that accommodates to your gameplay. The design is very ergonomic making it a great mouse to use. Now, the mouse isn’t the lightest and you aren’t able to adjust the weight like in some of the other models. But it still has a nice feel to it and the performance is good.

Corsair Harpoon

Corsair Harpoon
Corsair Harpoon

Now, Corsair is known for its gaming hardware and you might think they can’t possibly have a good, affordable product. Big brands often have big price tags. But the Harpoon is a graspable textured mouse worth exploring. It has a DPI of 6000 and optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking. The design is not the best but the mouse does feel rather good in your hand. Controlling it is easy and you have six programmable buttons to work with. The DPI switch is easy to reach and the RGP lighting gives it a lovely finishing touch.

So, the above are all worth keeping in mind when buying a new gaming mouse in 2018. When picking the mouse, it’s important to think the kind of games you’d be playing. A high DPI, for example, might not be a priority if you only play slow-based games, like turn-based strategy titles. On the other hand, a high DPI is a must-have for shooter games. So, think about your needs and find the mouse that best answers those.

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