How to earn money from Whatsapp


Hey guys how are you? After reading this I am sure that you will be getting an idea on how to earn money from whatsapp…

The most easiest way to earn money from Whatsapp is sharing short URL and getting paid for the views. Without any due lets get started.

Step:1 Visit Google Urls

Step:2 Go to my account at the top right of the website and register a new account or register using Facebook

Step:3 Now after successful registration go to Home and paste any Url you wish to short and share to earn money

Tip: Use attractive pictures and videos link and shorten them and share in you circle on social media to earn money

Step:4 Shorten the link and copy the shortened link and share in your whatsapp groups or with your friends [ You can use Facebook Groups or Pages for more traffic ]

Google Urls Payout rates & Payout details

How much you will be payed for 1000 views in Google urls

In India For 1000 Views you will earn 2.50$ i.e Rs 161.04 [Mobile/Tablet]

For 1000 Views you will earn 1.50$ i.e Rs 96.62 [Desktop]

Minimum Payout Threshold is 10$ i.e Rs 644

Payment options – Webmoney,Bank transfer,Coinbase,PayPal, Payza and Skrill

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