Latest Youtube creator academy exam answers 2017

Hello Creators how are doing? I hope you are doing a great job. First of all I salute to creators for their sincere dedication to entertain and sharing information on the Internet. I am here to help you out from these shitty YouTube Creators exam, don’t worry 🙂

Here we go

Youtube creator academy exam answers 2017

1. In order to succeed as a YouTube creator, you must adhere to all of the
10 fundamentals because they’re a checklist for what makes a great channel.
Ans. False.

2. Whether you aim for a niche or broad audience is an example of which
Ans. Targeting.

3. What’s one way to bring interactivity into your channel?
Ans. Pose a question that you want your audience to answer in the comments.

4. Where is your channel icon displayed on YouTube?
Ans. On the left hand side of your channel banner and on the watch page.

5. What is a watermark?
Ans. An image that viewers can click on to subscribe.

6. What is an effective branding strategy?
Ans. Using a consistent image on your channel and in social media.

7. Why is it a good idea to decide on a programming strategy early on?
Ans. All of the above.

8. A mission statement is helpful because:
Ans. it allows you to think holistically about your channel.

9. What features should you add to your channel that can help improve its
initial discovery on YouTube?
Ans. A channel description, channel art, and a username.

10. If someone is uncomfortable with being identified in a video you post,
they can ask YouTube to remove it.
Ans. True.

11. Where can you go to see the types of content that is and is not OK to
be shown on YouTube?
Ans. YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Policy Center.

12. Who is responsible for making sure your videos don’t violate any laws?
Ans. You.

13. When developing your channel trailer, who should you consider to be the
target audience?
Ans. New viewers to your channel.

14. What do successful channel trailers often include?
Ans. A call to subscribe.

15. Can you use existing video footage for your channel trailer or
should you create a brand new video?
Ans. Older clips are helpful to include if they are used to communicate
the type of content you create.

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