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MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Science Still Can’t Explain!

Check out these mysterious discoveries science still hasn’t been able to explain today! From bizarre ancient archaeology to unsolved mysteries in the world, these unexplained discoveries still baffle scientists to this day!

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10. Zhang Heng’s Seismoscope
Zhang Heng was considered the Leonardo Da Vinci of ancient China. Almost 2,000 years ago he created the first earthquake sensing device. Somehow, this instrument could sense the inertia of an earthquake long before seismographs came to be.
It was said to have been possessed by a supernatural force or a Genie that would control it since nobody knew how it actually worked! Here comes the fun part, the body of the instrument consisted of a vase with eight mobile dragon heads, each representing a direction on the compass. Whenever an earthquake came, the dragon mouth would drop a small ball into a toad’s mouth cast underneath, indicating the direction the seismic wave was travelling.
Over the years, many have tried to replicate the object but even today, nobody knows the exact mechanism inside the closed vessel. A few have proposed a simple-pendulum system inside is responsible for this unexplained function but how it truly works? Nobody knows!

9. The Naga Fireballs
Every year, this rare phenomenon is said to occur at the Mekong River, bordering Laos and Thailand.
Every October on a full moon, people gather on the river banks to watch fiery, red spheres glowing hundreds of feet into the air. While there is no clear scientific explanation, these fireballs have inspired myths and legends for centuries. Sometimes as many as 800 spheres will rise up out of the water. The locals believe that the river is inhabited by a Naga, a supernatural and benevolent water snake that puffs out these fireballs, hence the name. It also usually happens on the last day of Buddhist Lent, on the 11th full moon of the year so the serpent may be puffing out these fireballs as a ritual to call back their holy leader Buddha to descend down to the earth. The tentative scientific explanation is that the river gives off methane gas that bubbles to the surface and ignites. However, the Mekong River does not provide those conditions naturally, and gas does not burn red and shoot up into the air. I think we should go and see for ourselves!!!! What are you guys doing next October??

8. The Taos Hum
Taos, New Mexico is known for its art galleries, ski resorts, and Native American culture. But deep down there is a spooky secret. Some people, but not all, can hear a frequent humming sound, known as “The Taos Hum”. In the early 1990s, the inhabitants of this town were so disturbed that they filed a petition to Congress.
Congress ordered an investigative study and placed acoustic instruments all around the town to record any rumbling noise. Initially, a few disturbances were recorded, but they were falsely mistaken for the local electromagnetic perturbations. After that, no sound could ever be detected, and the study was concluded as having inadequate evidence. Joe Mullins from the University of New Mexico, surveyed residents and discovered that about 2% of the population could hear the hum. An interesting thing however, was that the hum was never reported as being the same sound. Sometimes it was a buzz, other times it was a whir or clearly a hum.
Many conspiracy theories exist, and some actually believe it was a military experiment conducted by the agencies. The hum still remains unexplained.

7. The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica
Deep down in the dense jungles of Costa Rica, a very interesting discovery was made in the late 1930s. A fruit company, while looking for new lands for banana plantations, found perfectly spherical shaped stone balls, carved to immaculate perfection. About 300 spheres were found, ranging from a few inches to as much as 7 feet in diameter. The biggest ones were reported to weigh up to 16 tons, which is so heavy that a modern-day bulldozer would have a hard time moving it. Nobody is certain as to who made them, how old they are, or for what purpose they might have been made. What’s even more mysterious is that the volcanic rock they’ve been made out of, does not exist anywhere in the vicinity. Given the weight of the larger stones, transporting them seems to be virtually impossible for more primitive civilizations.
A few of the stones have been blasted to see if there was gold or other valuable relics inside.

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