How to open any website without internet | Offline browsing

Hey guys how are you? In this article I will share you a cool app which helps us to open any website without internet.

Here are some simple steps to open any website without internet which is called as offline browsing.

  1. Click on this link and download Offline Browser.
  2. After successfully installed open the app and give necessary permission if asked.
  3. No tap on + at the bottom left in the Offline Browser.
  4. Add any page or article link in the first box.
  5. And give a suitable title to it and tap on download files [Make sure your internet is connected].
  6. Once your files downloaded you can turn off your internet connection i.e data or wifi and tap on it and read the webpage in offline.

Thats it I hope you like it if you think this article is helpful share with your friends and family members.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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