How to successfully connect adsense to YouTube after 10,000 Views and earn money from home

Hey guys how are you? Hope you all doing well. I think you are bit confused about earning money and get approval from adsense after successfully completing 10,00 views. So in this article you will be come across on how to apply adsense and earn money from home.

YouTube is such a platform where creators upload videos and earn money from advertising source which is called as adsense [Google Product]. When you have successfully complete 10,000 views in your YouTube channel. You have to follow some simple steps to get connected with adsense and earn money for uploading videos at your home.

Steps to connect your YouTube channel with Adsense an Google advertising product and earn money from Home for uploading videos:

  1. Make sure you have crossed 10,000 views on your channel. [Calculate from all videos in your channel or go to your channel about section you will find]
  2. Make sure your content don’t violate the YouTube terms and conditions.
  3. Go ahead to your channel section and click on monetization, you will be find request for review and monetize your videos.
  4. Wait for 24 hours you will receive an email if your content is good for viewers and acceptable.

Now after your channel approved for monetization go to your dashboard and monetize all the remaining videos.

Boom! You are now an employee of Google and now your future is in your hands go a head all the best try to impress viewers and earn money.

Till then goodbye…Have a nice day hope you share this article with your friends.

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