Who is Tech Guru Rohan?


Hey guys how are you? Hope you guys doing well. In this article you are going to know about one of the famous and youngest tech youtuber Rohan aka Tech Guru Rohan

Tech Guru Rohan’s full name is Rohan Kumar Mohanty. Who is born on 30 may 1999 in Hyderabad south India. His native state is Odisha and village is Sahaspur. He shows very much interest on Technology and Gadgets. Besides the technology and gadgets he is a Painter, Blogger & a YouTuber.

He is a student at Vasundara group of colleges in hyderabad. At the early age Rohan has been attracted by the technology and gadgets which made him love and became Tech YouTuber with 25,000 Subscribers.

Rohan is not a ranker but still he is an intelligent and smart in his school days and college days. That,s it about Rohan aka Tech Guru Rohan. I will be updating more about him so stay tuned and bookmark this article.


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