Why Youtube doesn’t pay more money for pranks on Youtube

Hey pranksters how are you all doing? hope you all are fine. In this article you are going to know why Youtube pay very less amount for pranks in the past few weeks.

So after the boycott of many advertisers from YouTube due to several reasons YouTube has made a big update where it stated that the ads on the video are shown only if the video is family friendly and meet the terms and conditions of the Youtube.

On June 1 2017 YouTube officially announced that many advertisers have resumed and the ads are only shown on the acceptable videos and which meet the terms and conditions.

If the video is related to hate speech,drug,violations or non-family friendly then there will be no ads on the video.

So, If you are making content and uploading on YouTube and getting paid very less when compared to past then make sure your video content doesn’t violates terms and conditions of YouTube.

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